Martini Fibreglass was founded in 1970 by Graham Martini. Initially the business manufactured Fibreglass components from a garage, moving to a small warehouse several years later. In 1990, Martini Fibreglass ceased manufacturing and changed to become a supplier of Fibreglassing resins and materials, continually growing and moving into larger premises.

Martini Fibreglass was purchased by The Attard Group in 2022. Being a part of The Attard Group allows Martini Fibreglass to access an even larger range of products, whilst giving us better buying power, ensuring we keep costs down and have stock on hand ready to go.

We also specialise in decanting & re-packaging resins, solvents and glass matting/cloth, with all the equipment required to enable us to re-package any product quickly and safely.


Core Values

Technical Training

Painted Parts provides on-site technical guidance and training, including the facilitation of manufacturer-specific training sessions. Our dedicated team undergoes regular training to ensure that customers receive the latest and most accurate advice and information. 

Process Efficiency

At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that success is achievable through highly efficient processes. This principle governs our day-to-day operations and extends to our ability to offer consultation on the most effective approaches to executing your projects. 

Excellent Service

Nothing holds greater significance to us than the quality of service we deliver. It serves as the foundation of our identity, distinguishing us in the market. When engaging with Painted Parts, you can always trust that you are receiving our best service. 

Continued Support

Beyond the point of purchase, Painted Parts ensures ongoing support. Whether you are a seasoned trade customer or a first-time retail shopper, rest assured that you will receive continuous support and advice throughout the entire process—from inception to completion and beyond. 

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